Friday, November 29, 2013

Artist Interview: Little Handfuls

Hi there, my name is Liza and I have been the creator of Little Handfuls Mini Bears and friends for almost 10 years. My bears are needle felted which is basically sculpting with wool. I use all kinds of fibres, alpaca, merino, blends with silk and angora, I love variety! Each bear takes from 4 - 6 hours to make, usually over a couple of days as I have a family and day job as well. No patterns are used, each one is One of a kind so they are a unique gift or addition to a collection. All my creations are 5 way jointed and firmly felted to last. They come with swing and butt tags, each with their own name too! After approx. 700 bears in the last 9 years and numerous students taught the craft I am now writing my own book as well! I hope you will visit us at the fair or pop by my website or facebook pages.

What can people expect to see from you on the day? I have lots of little critters for you, some are very small, under 3 inches tall, and some are heading up to my largest at 4 inches tall. I always have unique bears so no two are the same, lots of colour, lots of character!

Tell us about your workspace: I work in my lounge at home, you may have seen us on tv last year or you can catch the interview with Hearts In Crafts which is on my website. You get a good look at my area and process of work on the video! Luckily needle felting doesn't take up much space, but I do have a big tower of fibre which comes up to my shoulder!

What do you love most about living in New Zealand? Well, we have the best fibres in the world here, and I can buy from local dyers so that I get the most unusual colours too! Apart from my craft I think NZ is a great place to be a kid and we get the best weather here if you look globally. I think we are pretty lucky to be here!

What are your favourite places online? Of course I like bear artist pages, and I use facebook a lot, not just socially, I sell much of my work through my fb page. I have started a new relaxing hobby called Zentangle though and spend time on youtube and blogs with instructions and tutorials.

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  1. Love the bears and the interview !!